Mobile App Design: Common Mistakes To Avoid For Successful Designing


Perfecting the art of developing a successful mobile application is not a complex science; but, a number of service providers fail to deliver excellence with the services. Only a few seasoned developers are a pro at mobile app design skills while others just follow in the footprints of leading organizations. Following these companies blindly sometimes results in committing mistakes that cannot be entertained. Additionally, it is a step towards the failure of your application design, which can never be accepted. Continue reading

3 Steps to Create your Very First Digital Marketing Funnel – For Free!


Are you a solopreneur looking for clients? Or a consultant trying to build a brand? Or a small business looking to pick up your digital marketing game?

There’s a lot of information out there and it’s easy to get confused on where you should start. I know that because I work with thousands small business customers and speak with several new customers on a daily basis.

Continue reading