Best WordPress SEO Techniques To Lift Website Rankings

Best WordPress SEO Techniques

It is easy for everyone to set up a business website, but a few of them are able to maintain it over the web. Owning a website doesn’t mean that you are free from the market challenges, even you need to be more focused towards sustaining better online presence with it. Competition brings multiple challenges and these challenges are no exceptions for the web owners. Continue reading

8 Top Mobile Web App Frameworks


Developing mobile applications that run on multiple platforms is something that can be achieved at ease. With the introduction of mobile web app frameworks, it has become easy to design cross-platform mobile apps that accommodate all mobile device users. This blog lists down top 8 mobile web app frameworks that are required to design high-end mobile application. Continue reading

5 Development Mistakes Not To Follow For Your Mobile App


5 Development Mistakes Not To Follow For Your Mobile App

With the advent of mobile technology, customers in today’s world are constantly on the move. We cannot ignore the fact that mobile apps have become an integral part. These applications act as the best tool to market the products and services of a business. These days, mobile apps are progressing to stay up-to-date with the latest mobile app development trends. In fact, they play an important role in generating exciting ideas for businesses. Continue reading

The Significant Changes We Have Seen in the SEO Industry


Being one of the trusted search engine optimization providers in the country, SEO Hacker is using the cutting-edge SEO tools and best techniques to deliver exceptional service to their clients, making sure that they land in the first page of search engines, such as Google. They make sure that they are well-informed and adaptive in the continuous update of Google’s algorithm. Continue reading

Mobile App Design: Common Mistakes To Avoid For Successful Designing


Perfecting the art of developing a successful mobile application is not a complex science; but, a number of service providers fail to deliver excellence with the services. Only a few seasoned developers are a pro at mobile app design skills while others just follow in the footprints of leading organizations. Following these companies blindly sometimes results in committing mistakes that cannot be entertained. Additionally, it is a step towards the failure of your application design, which can never be accepted. Continue reading

3 Steps to Create your Very First Digital Marketing Funnel – For Free!


Are you a solopreneur looking for clients? Or a consultant trying to build a brand? Or a small business looking to pick up your digital marketing game?

There’s a lot of information out there and it’s easy to get confused on where you should start. I know that because I work with thousands small business customers and speak with several new customers on a daily basis.

Continue reading