How to Use Firebase to Send Notifications in iOS

Firebase to Send Notifications in iOS

To communicate with users in an effective way, push notifications are introduced on iOS 3.0 around 2009. Push notifications are a great way to reach out to your customers and to marketize. With iOS 11, push notifications became richer with their ease of customization. Many developers trouble while configuring their app for push notifications. Even though it’s one-time configuration for the app, the complexity of the configuration makes developers bang their head against the wall. Don’t worry, you are in right place now to configure your app for the push notifications and send them using firebase without hassle.

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Best WordPress SEO Techniques To Lift Website Rankings

Best WordPress SEO Techniques

It is easy for everyone to set up a business website, but a few of them are able to maintain it over the web. Owning a website doesn’t mean that you are free from the market challenges, even you need to be more focused towards sustaining better online presence with it. Competition brings multiple challenges and these challenges are no exceptions for the web owners. Continue reading

8 Top Mobile Web App Frameworks


Developing mobile applications that run on multiple platforms is something that can be achieved at ease. With the introduction of mobile web app frameworks, it has become easy to design cross-platform mobile apps that accommodate all mobile device users. This blog lists down top 8 mobile web app frameworks that are required to design high-end mobile application. Continue reading