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Using Realm Mobile Database with Swift 4.0 (Insert, Update, Delete, List)

Using Realm Mobile Database with Swift 4.0 Insert
A big problem that many developers face now a days is dealing with database. To have your app in app store in top list is not quite easy and to make the app ready for scalability is pretty hard. When our app is reached to many users, say a million, we have to care about everything in the app from performance to scalability. Continue reading

Parsing XML Web Service in iOS With Swift

XML Parsing in iOS with Swift

The bullet answer is, you are here to learn XML Parsing in swift 3.0. Day by day the data is tremendously increasing and making it difficult to express in a simple format. There should be some standard formats of the data coming from the server in order to pick the right values from the huge amount of data. Continue reading

Be Awesome with ‘Font Awesome’

Font Awesome

A good hand-writing always deserves good marks for better showcasing of content. Likewise, an app that uses a font like font awesome makes a happy user by providing great iconic text. Not only that, it reduces the number of images has to use in our app. Continue reading

How to Make Tinder-like Swipe Gesture for iOS

Swipe Slider For iOS

Tinder app is famous for its outstanding UI Animations. It set new trends on the swipeable deck of cards. This kind of layout has advantages in many areas like dating apps, entertainment apps and the other apps where you will show list-type information. Continue reading

How to work with BLE Devices on iOS

BLE Devices on iOS

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy Devices) are supported with iPhones, so why not we (developers) explore the possibilities of its implementation. Lets dive deep into BLE device integration with iPhones.

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How to Use Firebase to Send Notifications in iOS

Firebase to Send Notifications in iOS

To communicate with users in an effective way, push notifications are introduced on iOS 3.0 around 2009. Push notifications are a great way to reach out to your customers and to marketize. With iOS 11, push notifications became richer with their ease of customization. Many developers trouble while configuring their app for push notifications. Even though it’s one-time configuration for the app, the complexity of the configuration makes developers bang their head against the wall. Don’t worry, you are in right place now to configure your app for the push notifications and send them using firebase without hassle.

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