Author: Darshan Patel

How to Develop a Successful Language Learning App

It’s estimated that the world’s 45% population is bilingual, whereas close to 15% are trilingual. Around 5% can speak four languages and 1% are well versed in five-plus languages.

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Why is Android a Preferred and Better Choice for On-demand App Development?

Mobile applications have been the major reason why smartphones got the traction the fame that they now have. There are two strong competitors in the mobile app development industry currently, they are: Apple and Google, this is no secret.

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How to Integrate Dropbox with your iOS APP and Perform CRUD Action

Integrate Dropbox with your iOS APP and Perform CRUD Action
The Dropbox framework is the third party that is available for file sharing with friends from your phone. Using Dropbox can upload, download and share files using the iOS device.Before you start, you will need a Dropbox account. Create one for free right here with 2GB of storage, if you don’t have already. Continue reading

Angular 5 – Everything You Need To Know

Angular 5

Angular, Google’s prevalent JavaScript framework for developing useful mobile and desktop apps, has had a hurricane year, with two noteworthy overhauls in the previous 14 months. It achieved the following turning point with Angular 5’s landing on November 1, 2017. I don’t know about you however we’re extremely energized that it’s at last here!

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How to Create Animation Clip in Unity3D

How to create animation clip in Unity3D

Animation Clips are one of the core elements of Unity’s animation system. Gameobjects in Unity can be animated using animation Clip. Using Animation Clips, we can change position, rotation and scale of a gameobject as well as other properties like float or integer value of material from the script.

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Nimblechapps Featured as a Top App Developer in India on Clutch!

Nimblechapps Featured as a Top App Developer in India on Clutch!

At Nimblechapps, our experienced development team is dedicated to building high-quality and innovative websites and mobile apps. We provide value to our clients with a reasonable app development cost, and our key objective is to provide a solution that exploits the full potential of the technologies available to us. Continue reading

Nimblechapps – One of the Prominent Wearable App Development Companies in the GoodFirms Research

Nimblechapps: A Prominent Wearable App Development Company

Wearable app development is the bandwagon in the app industry. With the existence of wearable technology, client needs are evolving which is increasing the difficulties of numerous app development companies across the globe. Continue reading